The idea of fabric has been used in different disciplines in order to refer to the capability of things, living organisms and places to be connected together creating a system. We talk about social and urban fabric when we want to refer to a population in relation to the way they inhabit their territory, their culture, politics, history etc. The word fabric is also deeply connected to the way we think and understand our body. A fabric is also the raw material to make things that protect, cover and warm us up. A fabric might become a dress, a blanket, a curtain or a tent.

I was taking a residency at San Art in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, when decided to work with fabric. I was interested in patterns, both designed and behavioural. Fabric is a patterned material that has beautiful references, so I began to explore the material in a very intuitive way.

I unweave fabric because I want to explore a different way of making. I want to go back into the material, unmake it before it becomes something useful. I also want to create a destruction that is slow, careful and patient. I want to erase the definition of fabric, see how much the material will stand that destruction, make a void from the fabric, untie its net, unmake its meaning.

This work is profoundly connected to what I have been working for years. It is a work that explores terminality and the fragility of everything surrounding us.